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Aug. 31st, 2015

Nathan Fillion is love
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All my brush-posts, graphic posts and fan-fictions will remain public.


Drabble Community Invite: day_by_drabble

Ever feel like you could write for just about any fandom, for any prompt and at any time? Well this community is for you!

Started by my friends mrstater and godricgal after a successful International Women's Day Drabblethon. People saw the need for a multi-fandom drabble community and thus began day_by_drabble

Read and familiarize yourselves with the rules and then come and introduce yourselves and get to know other writers.

The first drabble event, April Showers Drabblethon, kicks off on April 8th! Hoping to see y'all there!

Barney / Robin : Fanfiction Recommendations

So I decided to do a Rec Post for Barney Stinson / Robin Scherbatsky of How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders have amazing chemistry, making BroTP one of the best ships on TV.

First things first: This list is an exhaustive collection of Barney / Robin fictions I've read and are, by no means, the only good ones around. There are lots more. I'd recommend looking at this Delicious bookmarklet for all BroTP fanfictions.

Second: None of the stories in this list belong to me. They are the wonderful creations of their exceptional authors. The characters of HIMYM do not belong to me either, they belong to Carter and Bays.

Now on with the list:

Metal Heart by the_spin @ kartography
Summary: she’s never heard a love story like this one.
Why I like it: Because it is simply, one of the most EPIC BroTP fanfic out there. Seriously. This is the fiction that got me into actually reading BroTP fanfiction. It is always quite a challenge to write Barney - to go that extra mile to make a cad a very lovable, albeit quirky, character. the_spin does just that - her Barney is so very deliciously dirty (I mean that in a good way). And along with Robin, you cannot help but fall in love with him.

Best Imitation of Myself by solojones
Summary: Barney Stinson has always been good at putting on a show. But it's becoming harder and harder to hide his true feelings, and his true self, from Robin.
Why I like it: For the angst, and for the fact that it makes Barney more human than the show makes him out to be. This was one of the two HIMYM fics that made me cry. Oh and yes, the Star Wars Laser Tag!

The Trouble with Barney by stablergirl
Summary: Barney and Robin make a wager and things get awkward and then complicated and then awful and then great.
Why I like it: stablergirl's characterizations are so spot-on, you have to remind yourself that it's fanfiction. This story underlines how much these two characters are so suited for each other.

Box Full o'honey by idioticonion
Summary: A fourth of July weekend full of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Robin and Barney finally talk.
Why I like it: idioticonion is the queen of all things BroTP - I love all her Barney/Robin stories. And this story tops my list of all stories written by her.

The Rules of a Relationship by katayla
Summary: Barney and Robin share their relationship rules with the gang.
Why I like it: This fiction reads like one of the scripts from the show! katayla has all their voices down to a T. It's authentic HIMYM humour.

Objections by unzadi
Summary: The only one saying "I Do!" at Barney's wedding is Robin!
Why I like it: Robin undoes her terrible (it really is!) matchmaking. YAY!

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice by hyacinthian
Summary: Their official story, on the record, is that they don't have a story. But their not-story spans months, years.
Why I like it: Epic future!fic that sees the gang except Barney and Robin move on with their lives, and how our couple copes with that before realising that they have changed, too. The Barney/Robin romance is subtle in this. Wonderful read!

Leave No Man Behind by jlh
Summary: "So can I have your coffee table?"
"Like you can bring all your stuff with you to the Casbah."
"The Casbah is in Algeria. I'm moving to Morocco"
"Whatever. So can I have your coffee table?"
Why I like it: Barney / Robin and a marriage of convenience written in a completely believable way. Barney and Robin are Barney and Robin! They don't fall in love easily. They don't do commitment. They don't do marriage! And yet - here, they really do. Read it, you'll love it!

John Denver Said it Better by stablergirl
Summary: Ann Hale is a regular woman, a dog walker living in SoHo. Her life is about to change when she meets Barney Stinson in the last place you'd expect to find Barney Stinson - church.
Why I like it: It's not very often that I get to read from the POV of an OFC. It's also not very often that I get to read an OFC who is not a Mary Sue. And when you add Barney/Robin angst into the mix, it becomes the perfect blend of awesomeness that was ever written in a story. Did I mention that this is the other story that made me choke up? No? Well, I'm telling you now.

Take These Leaps and Bounds by wordsflow
Summary: She knows these things, and that's always going to be enough for them.
Why I like it: Another awesome take on the Barney/Robin dynamic. They are not your conventional couple. They are not Ted with his idealized views on marriage. They are definitely not Lily and Marshall who go by the nick-names, Lilypad and Marshmallow ;)

Into The Dark by gypsyjr
Summary: For some people, falling in love is a gradual series of realizations.
Why I like it: For its awesomeness. Robin realizing that she's been looking too hard for something that's been there all along. And also for the conversations Barney and Robin have with Ted.

My Slumbering Heart by redkay23
Summary: This is AU from Three Days of Snow. As Lily counsels Barney on his feelings for Robin, Robin finds help from an unexpected source.
Why I like it: For the Robin / Marshall friendship. Marshall's dorkiness. Lily's not-so-subtle interference. And yes, the prologue - which gives you a good enough hint that you're about to read a truly well-written story!

The Benefits of A Heart Broken Over Time by secondmezzanine
Summary: Tag to Episode 4.12, Benefits. Barney deals with his feelings for Robin.
Why I like it: OK, so I lied before. This story belongs to the list of HIMYM fics that made me cry. Seriously. Angsty!Barney is always a good thing. Makes him far more human. The author is right - Benefits is a heartbreaking episode and this tag does that episode full justice and then some.

This list is not complete, yet. I will be adding to it, as I fish out the stories from my reading list.

Polaroid Brushes

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A Set of 7 Brushes . abr file for PS7
DOWNLOAD at My Deviant Art

- Please Comment if Taking
- Credit cae_prince
- Do not claim as your own
- Do not redistribute
- Feel free to friend cae_prince for more updates

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Fic Repost : Home for Christmas

This was a fic I wrote for the metamorfic_moon Christmas Moon Fic Advent at LiveJournal. I realised I didn't have it in my journal here, so decided to repost it.

Title : Home for Christmas
Author: cae_prince
Rating / Warning : T / PG-13 (for mild sexual situations)
Prompts : Memories and A Choir
Genre : : Romance / Humour.
Word Count : 5,000
Summary : Tonks’ Christmas Eve is ruined. Can Remus change that?
Author’s Notes : My first attempt at Remus/Tonks, even though I’ve been following the R/T fandom for over a year. Lots of credit and kudos to my wonderful beta, mrstater, who gently prodded me into attempting a fiction – and then worked with me patiently through every paragraph in this piece. This fiction is therefore dedicated to her.
I owe you one, hon.
Oh and the title is her inspiration too :)

The fiction won Runner Up for the Best Use of General Prompts

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Tis" the season to be jollyCollapse )

A Furry Furry Happy Birthday!

So today's everyone's favourite werewolf's birthday! So what's a better way to celebrate than a small little birthday fic!

Title: Chocolate Cake
Characters: Remus, Tonks and Teddy
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Never will.
Timeline: Strictly AU, ignores the crapilogue.
Warnings: Un-beta'ed. No plot.

Author’s Note: PWP, just a small fic on how I envisioned Remus spending a birthday morning with his family – Dora and Teddy. There is no story to this… just a drabble and me testing the waters of writing again after a long while. So blame any rustiness on that.
Its not the best. But I do plan to tweak this sometime. I just wanted to get this posted today. So if its rushed, I apologise!

The day had started out to be one of those days where he wished he"d never left the security of his bedCollapse )

Mood Theme Request

So I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make me a mood theme featuring Mac and Stella (Mac, Stella and Mac/Stella) to go with my current journal layout cae_prince ?

You can find caps HERE, HERE and HERE

Thanks a lot in advance


Nov. 21st, 2009

Just found out someone's re-distributing my brushes! (Thank you, Google!)

Point is, I don't quite know whether to feel angry or flattered - since the brushes are still under my name, but all the same - it irks me that my stuff is getting out there without my knowledge!

Is it wrong the way I'm feeling or should I just let this go?

Keira Knightley = 26 Icons +1 Wallpaper

26 Keira Knightley Icons + 1 Wallpaper


Keira Knightley...Collapse )

HQ Resource Post Update

I have updated my HQ picture List with the latest posts I made made at hires_hotties and this journal.

Updates include Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Claire Forlani, Courteney Cox Arquette and so many others...


I'm also wondering if I should open a separate journal to post these finds of mine. Any thoughts?

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